Heritage Aviation customers have always enjoyed a direct line of communication with the technicians working their aircraft. The purpose of developing our customer portal was creating an improved dialog to enable the best possible working relationship between our customers and the 145 Repair Station serving their needs.

Heritage Aware was the result; software that allows for a significant amount of owner visibility into the aircraft maintenance process. Through our software the customer has many options available to them in controlling the level of detail in which their job information is presented. Easy to read summaries are available for at-a-glance updates while simultaneously the customer retains the ability to focus down to the status of individual inspection items for a more thorough examination of progress.

The customer has the option of logging into Heritage Aware though the access portal located on our website using their desktop, tablet or smartphone. No app or software download is required for access. Once they are in, the customer will be presented with a complete and sortable listing of maintenance events for all aircraft. Scheduled, currently in work and completed jobs will all be displayed within this listing. In the case of currently in-work jobs a status bar showing percentage of work completed is also displayed for quick reference.

Selecting to view the details of an individual job will lead to the Project Overview page where general information on a project’s status, open items remaining, estimated time to completion and information on the aircraft and its major components (type/serial numbers/times/cycles/etc.) are all displayed. At a glance the customer can quickly gain an informed estimate for the current flow of each project towards completion. A visual circle graph displaying percentage of project completion is also very prominently displayed on the Project Overview page within the customer’s view.

Customer's dashboard view showing current job status.

If additional information about any distinct item within the overall job is required, the customer can select the Tasks tab from the top menu. Each individual task from the project is listed on this page and is sortable by multiple categories to include, but not limited to: start date, scheduled completion date, discrepancy number and current status.

Example of sort function for task list.

Each customer then has the option of drilling down even further into each task for additional information to include references, estimated completion date and notes on repair status and inspection results. This is where pictures of damaged items and equipment will be stored for the customer’s reference. Keeping the pictures with the discrepancy and corrective action makes for simpler organization in the case of a warranty claim. There is also a section within the individual item screen for a dialog between customer and Heritage personnel for any questions or concerns regarding a particular discrepancy.

Example of dialog between customer and Heritage technician regarding repair authorization for a damaged component.

The Files tab leads to the document sharing page where the customer and Heritage can electronically share scanned documents. Just like the Tasks section, the Files tab sharing system allows for comments on individual documents to be posted with the document to facilitate absolute clarity in all exchanges between the customer and Heritage Aviation.

In the case of new or urgent communication between Heritage and customer there is a dialog box that shows up in the user’s dashboard. The customer can also have notifications pushed to their preferred email address. Additionally, there is an activity log within the customer’s view of Heritage Aware that can be easily searched for a specific action as needed by the customer.

Heritage Aware, our web-based customer portal, provides an unprecedented level of visibility into the actual status of your aircraft. Real time updates, completion estimates, process approvals and multi-media sharing are all within an easy to use software package developed by Heritage Aviation to keep our customers informed.

Heritage Aware is just another example of our values working for you at Heritage Aviation.

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